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Happy new year to all our fabulous customers. We're already looking to introduce some new wines early 2020 and of course we are planning our wine tastings. Keep an eye on our news page or login for more details.

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Have you ever wanted a fine dining experience for yourself and some friends in the comfortable surroundings of your own home?

We can heartily recommend Tim, Private chef at 40 for an unforgettable evening of fabulous food, he even washes up too!

Of course, to go with your amazing meal you will want some superb wines and we can help you choose them, once you have agreed your menu.

For further details see or call Tim on 07392 043828

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Undurraga T.H. range expanded.

We are pleased to announce that Barons have been able to secure a limited supply of seven of these fabulous,  limited release wines.

The result of an innovative project focusing on the unique topography of Chile. T.H stands for Terroir Hunter and brings together a range of wines from across Chile developed to emphasize the diversity of climate and ‘terroir’. 5,000 kilometres long with a dramatic landscape that stretches from sea level to mountain ranges as high as 6,000 metres, the potential to produce wine beyond the traditional Central Valley is enormous and T.H is at the forefront of this quest to explore new winemaking regions. Moving far away from the trend towards standardized ‘big taste’ ‘over-ripe’ wines, T.H wines are made with minimum intervention and a conscious respect for the environment, in limited volumes. They truly represent Chilean diversity and regional differences favouring freshness, character and purity. The breathtaking quality of the wines is matched by the many accolades they receive. For the Syrah Leyda; Gold at the IWC 2015 and Gold Medal and International Trophy Winner at the IWC 2015. 

Remember, these are limited release, so wont be around for long!

Fabulous new wines added.

A selection of new wines have been added to our store. We have a new vegan red from Portugal - Ribafreixo Barrancoa red  and some very limited release wines from the Undurraga T.H range. These wines are strictly limited, some to less than 500 cases world wide. Try them now, before it's too late.

Vegan wine is coming

We are in the process of putting together one of our Wine Lovers cases which will contain 6 bottles of certified vegan wines.

Look out for these new and exciting products in our on-line shop.

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